Marvel Movies: Marvel is famous for its superhero films which are always eagerly awaited by fans from all over the world. Not only is the storyline interesting, but the costumes of the players also look cool and make them look like real superheroes.

But, of all the characters in Marvel movies, there are some characters who have the worst costumes in history. Starting from the costumes that are not similar to the original version in the comics, to using poor CGI effects.

Are you curious about which characters in Marvel movies have the worst costumes? If so, see Jaka’s explanation below!

5 Character costumes in marvel movies that are the most not really

If you think all characters, both superheroes and villains in Marvel films, use cool and sophisticated costumes that further highlight their strengths, maybe you should think again.

If you don’t have time to watch old Marvel films that have the worst costumed characters of all time, here, Jaka gives an explanation below.

1. Green Goblin

 Marvel Movies - Green Goblin
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Spider-Man (2002) became one of the first films to start the superhero film trend in popular culture. This film includes many details from the comic version, so fans are satisfied.

Unfortunately, there is one thing they should improve on, namely the Green Goblin costume. The costumes of the villains in this film look more like they were made in the 90s and don’t resemble the comic version, apart from the color. Until now, there has been no Marvel film adapting the original Goblin costume.

2. Deadpool

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The film X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) had many faults, one of the most notable of which was the way they adapted Deadpool from the comics.

Deadpool is famous for his red costume and mask, as well as the two katanas on his back as depicted in the comics. While the film version of Deadpool has a sewn mouth and strange tattoos around his body. He also did not use his typical red costume.

This decision certainly caused disappointment among Deadpool fans. However, 20th Century Fox as the distributor of this film made major improvements in the film Deadpool (2016).

3. The Thing

The Thing
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As a film released in 2015, Fantastic Four should take advantage of the advanced technology that already exists to support the CGI effects in this film to make it look convincing but still natural.

This technology can also be applied to make The Thing characters similar to the comic version, but look more alive because they are no longer in 2D.

The problem is, the decision to remove the character’s signature blue shorts and make his facial expression very stiff has resulted in this character who has an alter-ego named Benjamin Grimm as a failure in his efforts to modernize the classic character.

4. Red Skull

Red Skull
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Hugo Weaving managed to bring the Red Skull character to life convincingly in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). His costumes also support his role as a Nazi supervillain and extremist.

However, there are times when Marvel doesn’t adapt this character well in their production films. One of them can be seen in the 1990 film Captain America.

Scott Paulin who plays the Red Skull in this film actually looks like a stupid villain in the Power Ranger film. The red facial prosthetic that he uses actually looks weirder than scary. Very much different from the 2011 version.

5. Captain America

Captain America
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The Captain America character has undergone various adaptations on the big screen long before Chris Evans’ version. However, the adaptation of this character with the worst costume is in the 1979 film Captain America.

The biggest mistake of the Captain America costume in this movie is making him wear headgear that looks like a motorcycle helmet and weird goggles.

This costume makes Reb Brown who plays Captain America look like a stuntman rather than a superhero. Fortunately, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Captain America has a much better costume.

The final word

Those are the 5 worst costumes of characters in Marvel movies ever. Do you agree, or do you think there are worse costumes than theirs? Give your opinion in the comments column below.


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