Some are CEOs of the esports team, some are iconic characters in the game. These Euro 2020 players are getting involved in the esports and gaming industry!

There are times when it is indeed plunged into other fields as a business target for world football superstars. The athletes who played at Euro 2020 seemed observant enough to see the potential in esports and games that from year to year continued to accelerate. Not a few of them finally entered the realm through various paths.

Some are CEOs of the esports team, others are iconic characters in the game. Some even become pro players in an esports tournament. Even though they have gained a lot in football, it seems like these athletes have great passion off the pitch, especially in the esports industry.

Curious who are the Euro 2020 athletes? Check out the following article.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

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As a famous footballer, the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) has fans spread all over the world. Relying on this reputation, Garena tried to collaborate with CR7 on the Free Fire game. Since the announcement of the collaboration was released, of course, it has attracted a lot of public attention.

When else will you see the Portuguese athlete at Euro 2020 playing Free Fire? Instantly the public’s view of Free Fire immediately changed when Cristiano appeared in the game as a character named Chrono. Since the initial release of the game, the sultans have flocked to show off these cool characters.

Not only because of the figure of CR7,  but Chrono does also have very qualified skills for survivors to score Booyah! When the Time-Turner skill is activated, Chrono will create an area that can withstand attacks from the enemy as much as 500 points of damage. Teammates in the area will also receive an additional 15-40% movement speed! With these skills, it is not surprising that in the end, Chrono is often played by survivors, because the essence of the Battle Royale game is to survive until the end. Given that Chrono can make a team survive for a certain duration, then there is no doubt that this character is one of the overpowered in the game.

2. Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba
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While fans were waiting for the announcement of a new contract extension between Paul Pogba and his Manchester United team, they were all surprised by his posts on Twitter. The reason is, the French midfielder for Euro 2020 announced that he was joining a team called Verdansk FC.

It turns out that the team is not engaged in football, but is an esports team that plays in the Call of Duty: Warzone division. Not many people think that Paul Pogba likes to play the game by Activation. Even to wrestle in the world of esports as a pro player.

Indeed, Paul Pogba’s contract was not long in the esports team. The article was a form of collaboration with the Verdansk FC organization to be the “gong” for the opening of a new stadium. Activation also took advantage of this moment before releasing Call of Duty: Warzone Season 5.

3. Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann
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Still in the French football team, not only Paul Pogba has an interest in esports. However, their mainstay striker Antoine Griezmann also has the same interest. However, Griezmann is not a pro player, but the CEO of an esports team called Grizi Esports.

It seems Griezmann prefers to monitor esports from behind the table so he can focus on being a football athlete. Unlike his teammates in the French squad for Euro 2020, namely Paul Pogba, who chose to go directly as a pro player in a team.

At the beginning of the release of Grizi Esports, they immediately opened five divisions, namely Fortnite, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, CS: GO, and FIFA. Since it was first announced in 2020, now Grizi Esports has fulfilled all its divisions and is often seen in prestigious tournaments.

You can also see his love for the game when he scores goals. Often Griezmann performs dance celebrations inspired by the game Fortnite.

4. Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale
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Moving to the country of Wales which is one of the participants in Euro 2020, there is the name Gareth Bale who is the most influential figure in the squad. The figure of the national team captain and striker also does not want to be outdone by Antonie Griezman, Bale released an esports team called Elleven Esports which consistently plays in the FIFA gaming division. Currently, Eleven Esports is still holding on to its two main pro players, namely Tom Stokes from England and Tyler Philips who is an acquaintance of his in Wales. These two players often appear in FIFA esports championships both nationally and internationally. On their Twitter account, they also often hold coaching clinics for FIFA game players who want to improve their skills.

5. Bernd Leno

Bernd Leno
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In line with Antonie Griezman and Gareth Bale, the goalkeeper for the German team at Euro 2020 also prefers to enter the realm of esports by forming a team. The name of his esports team also uses his nickname, namely Leno Esports. So far Leno Esports already has a name on the national scene for the FIFA division. Bernd Leno is also often seen appearing on the Leno Esports live stream to play FIFA with his retainers. This mabar action certainly attracts attention. The audience must be curious whether Bernd Leno is also great when he is challenged to win the match together with the pro players.

The five figures were said to be successful in β€œtaking advantage” of their fame to enter the realm of esports. For example, Christiano Ronaldo, who certainly has an impact on Garena’s widening of wings to Europe. Not only that but the esports teams formed by several soccer athletes are also often seen enlivening world-scale tournaments which make the esports world even more exciting to watch.

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