Elliot Page recently gained the spotlight after showing off his latest appearance as a boy. It’s not just Elliot Page that transgender Hollywood actresses become men.

There are several other Hollywood artists who choose to change from women to men. Are you curious about the rows of Hollywood artists who are transgender to men?

1. Elliot Page

Elliot Page changed his name from Ellen Page and chose to become a man. He made several changes to his body for totality.

This one artist did a breast makeover and made her stomach into a sixpack. Wow, this artist’s totality is really making changes.

2. Ian Harvie

Ian Harvie is one of the most famous stand-up comedians in America. Apparently, he had made the change from woman to man since he was young.

Ian Harvie decided to become transgender at the age of 23. He was also famous and plunged into the world of entertainment when he was a man.

3. Nathan Wesling

Nathan Wesling is one of the models who was previously born as a woman. Feeling that he is a man, Nathan Wesling also chose to consume testosterone to become a man.

This model also changed the name from Nathalie Wesling to Nathan Wesling two years ago. Despite changing gender, he still exists in the modeling world.

4. Michael D Cohen

The figure is known as the voice actor in the Nickelodeon sitcom also parses the story of the change to transgender. He has turned into a man since 20 years ago.

Michael D Cohen also admitted that he was born in the wrong body. He finally admitted to being transgender two years ago in 2019.

5. Zach Barack

The actor who plays in SpiderMan: Far From Home is the one who drew attention after it was discovered that transgender men became men. This multitalented figure is active in the entertainment world as a musician, actor to a stand-up comedian.

Those were five transgender Hollywood artists who became men. Elliot Page to the breasts too.


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