Beauty is a basic need of women. For women, updating beauty methods, new skincare products, or hot trends in the market is necessary every day.

However, in this busy life, not every girl has time to update new beauty knowledge. Therefore, in today’s article, I would like to summarize 50 beauty tips that women trust to use. Hope to update you with new knowledge.

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care

1. Instant mask with lemon honey: if you don’t have time to apply your face, you just need to cut a lemon in half, add Β½ teaspoon of pure honey and apply it evenly to your face. This mask is both quick to make and extremely effective.

2. Should be done on the same day: exfoliate – steam – apply on the face so that the nutrients can be absorbed most effectively.

3. Wash your face with carbonated mineral water: this is a way to add minerals to the skin of Korean women.

4. Spend 5 minutes a day practicing facial muscles in front of the mirror: performing facial exercises every day will make your face noticeably younger.

5. Use a face wash: with the current polluted climate, you need to invest in a washing machine for the best cleaning.

6. Eye mask: this is especially important for night owls/ computer users.

7 . Pay attention to neck skincare: This skin area is easy to care for, but it is very difficult to treat when it is aging.

8. Always test the water temperature when washing your face: especially in winter, delicate skin will be easily damaged when using too cold or too hot water.

9. Schedule skincare: schedule a scrub, sauna, face mask, etc., to make sure you don’t miss any skincare steps.

10. Use sunscreen at all times: any season, any place, the skin is also at risk of UV rays or radiation from electronic devices.

11. Massage and moisten the face when applying the cream: this will help the nutrients penetrate quickly into the skin.

12. Eat healthy at night: sounds difficult for night owls, but this is extremely important.

13. Limit frequent expression of negative emotions: grimacing, frowning makes your facial muscles prone to sagging.

14. Use saline eye drops to reduce inflammation on the face: this is both convenient and safe for the skin.

15. Simplify the care steps when the skin is having problems.

16. Do not treat skin problems simultaneously: prioritize serious skin problems first, such as allergic skin, acne, dry skin, then melasma, freckles.

17. Always choose cosmetics suitable for your skin type because this is so important.

18. Supplement important nutrients for the skin: retinol, peptides, derma, vitamin C, vitamin E, … with quality cosmetic lines and healthy foods.

19. Make sure items and tools that come into contact with the face are always cleaned regularly.

20. Use beauty apps: there are many β€œcool” and useful skincare and monitoring apps for you to use.

21. Mental health is very important for the skin: make sure to have healthy hobbies in your free time to stay positive.

22. Ensure regular sleep: sleep time is considered a “golden time” to recover and regenerate the skin.

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Lip Care Tips

Lip Care

23. Do not lick your lips: licking your lips will make your lips quickly lose moisture and easily crack.

24. Chapped lips what to do? Must limit lipstick, drink lots of water and regularly nourish your lips with honey, coconut oil, and lip balm.

25. Always apply a layer of lip balm before lipstick: this makes the lip color smoother, and the lips are also better moisturized.

26. Always exfoliate your lips every week: not only makes your lips plump, but your lipstick is also more beautiful.

27. Apply lip balm every day: at least 2 times morning/night or anytime you feel dry lips.

28. Use a sleeping mask for your lips: occasionally applying a sleeping mask for your lips will help deeply moisturize and nourish your lips.

29. Lip makeup remover with olive oil/coconut oil: this makeup remover is safe and moisturizing for the lips.

30. Always be gentle when acting on the lips: if the lip area is damaged, the lips will easily appear wrinkles and less smooth.

31. Choose lip balms with sunscreen ingredients: this will reduce the negative effects of UV rays on the lips.

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Tips For Body Care

Body Care

32. Exfoliate regularly: use natural ingredients to exfoliate your body twice a week for healthy skin.

33. Add a few drops of olive oil to your shower gel: your skin will be cleansed and still soft.

34. Pay attention to cleaning the back area: use a bath sponge, bath brush to clean because this skin area is very prone to acne.

35. Body skin also needs moisturizing: if not moisturized every day, the skin is very easy to dry out and age later.

36. Use coconut oil to care for hands/feet before sleeping: in winter, this skincare tip is extremely good for your skin.

37. Remove bruises from elbows and knees with lemon: often, massaging lemon juice into dark skin areas will help whiter skin.

38. Soak your feet with warm water: this is not only good for your body but your feet are also taken care of in the best way.

39. Relax by sauna: 1-2 weeks, you should steam to relax and detox your body effectively.

40. Make time for exercise every day: exercise helps you have a balanced body and a healthy body and helps your skin look much younger.

Tips For Eyebrow And Eyelash Care
Eyelash Care
Eyelash Care

41. Brush your eyebrows, brush your eyelashes every day: this will stimulate the hairs to grow faster.

42. Use a specialized makeup remover or natural oil to remove eye and eyebrow makeup.

43. Always be gentle in removing makeup: the strong impact will cause the hair to fall easily.

44. Eyelash care, eyebrow care every day: this will limit the loss of eyelashes/eyebrows and stimulate them to grow quickly.

45. Trim your eyebrows every week: regular trimming will make your eyebrows easier to stick and sharper.

46. ​​Remove makeup in the eyebrow area in parallel with facial makeup: many of you do not pay attention to this step, making hair follicles easy to clog and eyebrows falling off.

47. Limit the use of false eyelashes: attaching false eyelashes regularly will affect the health of real eyelashes. If necessary, you should consider eyelash extensions in parallel with daily eyelash care.

48. Be careful when using eyelash curlers: eyelash curlers make your lashes curl more, but the lashes will easily break if you use too much force.

49. Always choose oil-based mascara: Using oil-based mascara not only makes eyelashes thicker and more curled immediately but also helps eyelashes grow faster and longer.

50. Do not rub your eyes: Rubbing your eyes affects your eyes’ health and your eyelashes.

So hopefully this article will be helpful to you. We wish you the best of health and satisfaction with your appearance


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