Bad Boys for Life is Fun: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to the big screen as the hilarious Miami detective duo who often engage in thrilling scenes involving cold-blooded criminals. Spiced with thick telenovela elements, this third film in the Bad Boys series could be the best Bad Boys film! 

If you’ve watched the trailer for the latest film series from the Bad Boys trilogy, then you won’t expect much. Yes, the film, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, is definitely fun and full of action. But it turned out to be MORE than that. Bad Boys for Life is surprisingly not only fun, action-packed, and hilarious, but also complex. This two-hour film is also full of intrigue, storyline, and deep character development.

Until this news was revealed, the film directed by the Belgian-born Moroccan director Billal Fallah and Adil El Arbi received FRESH status from Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 75% from 110 critics. A positive consensus, for a film that looks like a standard action film from the outside. 660 verified viewers who have watched Bad Boys for Life gave it a 96% consensus rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This figure is agreed by ordinary viewers who link their opinion on Google (also 96%) It’s amazing! The author himself was impressed by the presentation, which was produced directly by Will Smith, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Doug Belgrad’s. Like what?

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Mike Lowery (Will Smith) is still fit and strong for someone whose age has touched his head 5. In contrast to Mark Burnett (Martin Lawrence), the partner who is now fat, bulging (minus eyes), and his status as a grandfather increasingly make him the main object for fishing. laughter.

Apart from being physically different, they are also different in attitude. If Mike still wants to continue his career as a detective, Mark expressed his interest in retiring soon and enjoying life with his family.

But a series of murders perpetrated by a mysterious motorist ( Jacob Scipio ) forces Mike and Mark to return to action. Assisted by a group of millennial cybercops led by Lieutenant Rita ( Paola Nunez ), Mike and Mark work together to uncover the identity of the cold-blooded killer. Did they succeed?

Best Comedic Duo

Bad Boys for Life successfully provoked the audience to be stunned, surprised, excited, laughing, crying, and a million other expressions that were unexpectedly happening. Kudos to Adil and Billal who put together slick action after action (chases involving luxury cars, motorcycles, helicopters, and rocket warheads), explosion after explosion, to the touching and sentimental parts very well.

Of course, it’s not Bad Boys if it doesn’t have a comedic element. The duo of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence appear even more solid through hilarious banter between the two involving everyday problems to slapstick scenes that can be enjoyed by all groups. Not infrequently the audience was made to laugh out loud watching the act of both.

After 17 years, the Bad Boys franchise is back and it’s even crazier than its two predecessors. Even the ending of this film implies the presence of a spin-off. Can’t wait to see the film (if it is made). Bad Boys for Life is already showing in cinemas across Indonesia starting today, January 17, 2019. It’s a must-watch, especially if you’re looking for fun, hilarious and thrilling entertainment!


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