The Best cologne for Men After several hours of searching and comparing up to forty of the most popular fragrances, we have been able to select the best perfumes of the moment.Β Our favorite is theΒ CK OneΒ by Calvin Klein.

Nowadays perfume has become a part of the daily life of men and women. Besides being able to support appearance, perfume can also prevent body odor and show one’s personality. Well, this time will discuss the recommendations for the best men’s perfume brands that you can choose.

But before that, you can see some tips in choosing the following perfume.

How to Choose the Best Perfume for Men

Before you decide to buy a men’s perfume, there are a few things you should know. Here’s how to choose the best men’s perfume.

1 . Determine the Perfume That Will Be Characteristic

First of all, determine what perfume scent will be your hallmark. Basically, the smell of each perfume is different and will usually be the hallmark of the person who will use it. There are several types of men’s perfume scents, namely amber, floral, tobacco, honey, and woody. If you use one of these types of scent, people near you will recognize your scent even if you are in a crowd.

2. Adjust to Personality

Next, adjust the scent of your perfume to your personality. There are several types of perfume that can define the personality of the user. Like a musky or amber scent, this scent is suitable for both mysterious and modern men. Then there are woody and floral scents, this scent is suitable for romantic men. There is also a unique Fougere scent with a touch of herbaceous and woody, this scent is suitable for people who have an ambitious character. Meanwhile, if you are someone who is sporty then it is very suitable to use citrus or aquatic scented perfume.

3. Make sure the fragrance of the perfume blends with the scent of the body

This one thing is very important when you choose a perfume scent, which is to make sure if the perfume aroma blends with the original scent of your body. Because if the smell of perfume does not mix with the original scent of the body, it has the potential to make people who inhale the aroma dizzy. So it is necessary to be careful when choosing a perfume scent, even though the perfume is in accordance with your personality.

4. Match Perfume With Activity

There are several men who have different types of perfume where this is done to support their appearance when on the move. When you are exercising, use citrus or aquatic perfume. In addition, if you want to stand out more in an event then you can use other perfume scents. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have a variety of perfume scents, because you can adjust the aroma according to your activity.

5. Adjust Perfume Fragrance with Age

Maybe many do not pay attention to this, but this is one of the things you should consider when choosing a perfume. You can adjust the smell of perfume according to age, for example, if you are at the age of 25 of course you will think twice when you find a perfume with a soft, fruity scent. This is because the scent tends to be used a lot by children. Therefore, try to choose a perfume that is age-appropriate.

6. Ask Someone’s Advice

Finally, when we want to buy perfume, there is nothing wrong with asking someone like our partner for advice. There is a high chance that your partner better understands what perfume scents are suitable for you.

Recommended Best Men’s Perfume Brands

Here are some recommendations for the best men’s perfume brands that smell long-lasting.

1. Chanel Platinum Egoiste

Chanel Platinum Egoiste
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Talking about perfume, it’s certainly not complete if you don’t include this one brand, namely Chanel. This perfume was first produced in 1993 by the hands of Jacques Polge. Starting from its appearance, this perfume has stolen a lot of attention with its manly and elegant packaging. Just like perfume in general, this perfume from Chanel has three stages. The first stage emits a subtle aroma of lavender, petitgrain, nelore, and rosemary. The second stage is scented with jasmine, clary sage, geranium, and galbanum. In the third stage, there are aromas of sandalwood, amber, cedar, oakmass, and vetiver.

2. Β CK One

CK One
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CK One is one of the best men’s perfume brands whose fragrance lasts long. While most men’s perfumes have a strong scent, this is different from this perfume where this men’s perfume has a relatively light scent with a relatively safe smell. This perfume has three stages, the first stage smells of pineapple, green notes, mandarin orange, papaya, bergamot, cardamom, and lemon. The second stage, nutmeg, violet, orris root, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, rose, and freesia. Lastly, sandalwood, amber, musk, cedar, oakmoss, green tea, and green accord. This perfume is equipped with modern packaging, stylish but looks very elegant.

3. Β Clive Imperial Majesty

 Clive Imperial Majesty
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Of the many men’s perfumes, this perfume from Clive Imperial Majesty can be said to have a fairly expensive price. Although quite expensive, this perfume offers the best quality perfume. The scent offered by this perfume is a distinctive aroma of mandarin orange, cardamom, peanuts, and cedarwood. In addition, this men’s perfume is also packaged in a package covered with 5-carat diamonds and crystals. The neck of the packaging is plated with 18-carat gold. Judging from the packaging, it’s no wonder that this perfume is so expensive.

4. Calvin Klein Obsession

Calvin Klein Obsession
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This perfume has a unique aroma, where this perfume has an aroma of mandarin orange, rose, and bergamot. In addition, this men’s perfume also has the aroma of wormwood, moss, coriander, and ambergris. This Calvin Klein Obsession has a long-lasting scent. This product is packaged in beautiful packaging.

5. Dior Homme Intense

Dior Homme Intense
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If you are looking for a men’s perfume that can give a fresh and energetic impression, there’s nothing wrong with trying this one men’s perfume, Dior Homme Intense. The aroma of this perfume is a mixture of mask mallow, iris, and pear, where the aroma is able to give a fresh yet manly impression. This perfume has a strong aroma so it is not suitable for those of you who like softly scented perfumes.

6. Eau D’Hadrien

. Eau D'Hadrien
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Eau D’Hadrien is a men’s perfume brand known for its refreshing aroma. Where the refreshing aroma of this perfume is obtained from fragrances such as citrus oranges and lemons. Interestingly, this perfume can last up to 12 hours.

7. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

You should not miss this perfume when looking for the best men’s perfume. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio has a strong and long-lasting aroma of a blend of citrus, rosemary, spices, and sage. This men’s perfume is packaged in black glass packaging with a gold color combination on the label. The fragrance of this perfume is perfect for formal events such as meetings or receptions.

8. Givenchy Gentleman

Givenchy Gentleman
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Givenchy Gentleman has a very distinctive and masculine scent so it is suitable for formal and informal events. This men’s perfume has a luxurious and long-lasting fragrance. In addition, the packaging is also designed in such a way that it looks luxurious and elegant.

9. Hugo Boss Just Different

Who does not know the best men’s perfume brand on this one, namely Hugo Boss. This German brand has perfume products with various types of aromas such as masculine, soft but alluring. This perfume has the aroma of mint and apple granny smit in the first stage, then the second stage has the aroma of basil & freesia.

10. Β Oud Malaki

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For those of you who have sensitive skin, you can use this perfume because this perfume does not contain alcohol. Oud Malaki is made from a variety of fresh fruits such as grapes combined with lavender flowers. So that the resulting aroma is so distinctive and very suitable for use at night.


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