Butterfly tattoo over the years have been used by both men and women. Contrary to what everyone believes, the first butterfly tattoos are registered in men. History tells that the Roman Emperor Augustus, from a very young age, wore a tattoo of a butterfly, as a personal insignia, and not only he, ancient Mexican aboriginal warriors wore these tattoos.

Butterfly Tattoos
Delicate butterfly tattoo

As a curious fact, I tell you that there are about 18,000 different species of butterflies around the world, and their size can vary from 1-25 cm, each one with more vivid and striking colours, as you can see, there are infinities of design variants that can serve as inspiration. Join us to discover a little more about butterfly tattoos and their meanings.

Meaning of butterfly tattoos according to culture

Monarch butterfly tattoo
Monarch butterfly tattoo

In Japanese culture, the butterfly was a very famous tattoo in the world of geishas, Japanese entertainment artists, which denoted their eternal youth and their femininity cloak in front of society. Also, getting two butterflies tattooed represents the stability and happiness of the relationship as a couple, a meaning that comes from China.

For the ancient Greeks, the butterfly was a symbol of femininity closely related to sex. Later, it became the emblem of the goddess Psyche, who was presented with butterfly wings.

Among the Aztecs, it was the symbol of the vital breath. They called her Xochiquetzal, or butterfly-goddess of love. For them, there were two types of death that were considered the noblest of all: the death of the warrior in battle and the death of a mother in childbirth. At funerals on their bodies, butterflies were placed in honour of that goddess.

For the Maories, as in many Asian cultures, the butterfly is the representation of immortality and peace.

It was a symbol of supreme power, for the Mayans, called Hunab Ku, the galactic butterfly. “When a warrior died in battle or in a sacrifice, they accompanied the sun god” Itzamn獺 “for four years, at that time their transformation into a butterfly was completed and they returned to the eternal.

In Christianity, as well as in various African cultures, the butterfly also represents the soul that flies in freedom. This appears in the pictures of the virgin and the child Jesus, signifying the Resurrection of Christ and of all men. It derives from its three states: Caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly, symbols of life, death and resurrection.

For the Celts, butterflies were transformation, inspiration, spiritual and physical rebirth. Associated with nature and the Celtic woman, who was well aware of their presence. They adorned maternity dresses, they were a sign of transition. They were also considered the protective fairies of the forest, at present all fairies with human characteristics are illustrated with that type of wings.

This tattoo has different meanings, depending on the area in which it is tattooed. If it is done on the shoulder blade it represents a dreamer; If it is tattooed on the chest it means unconditional love for living beings, stability and survival on the coccyx. In the pelvic area, it represents purity.

Spectacular butterfly tattoos for women

In women, a butterfly tattoo is a symbol of tenderness and delicacy. These are one of the tattoos preferred by young girls, who prefer delicate and colourful designs combined with flowers or stars. And since I know you like them so much, here are some examples.

Butterfly tattoos on the back and their meaning

It is very common to get a butterfly tattoo on the back. The girls prefer them in this area because they symbolize the dreams to be fulfilled by that person. Check out these images and tell me what you think.

Beautiful 3D butterfly tattoos

One of the most realistic tattoos that give a feeling of having a life of their own are the 3D butterflies, these give the illusion of being gently perched on the person’s skin, ready to fly. If you don’t believe me, look at these designs that I leave you below.

Small butterfly tattoos and designs on the wrist or foot

If you are one of those who like minimalist and discreet designs, today I bring you a collection of spectacular images and designs to inspire you. Simple and attractive proposals, put at your disposal for you to enjoy.

Butterfly designs to be tattooed on the shoulder or chest

These designs look spectacular on the shoulders or on the upper part of the chest, in addition to being very showy, they are a symbol of femininity in girls. Personally, they seem simple and discreet, but very beautiful.

Attractive proposals for tattoos of stars and butterflies

This combination is very subtle and attractive, with which you can decorate a simple design into an incredibly good one. You just have to unleash your imagination and you’ll see. Just one thing to keep in mind; There are hundreds of variants, try to be original with your designs, a little advice for life.

Coloured butterflies in tattoos and their meaning (watercolour style)

Meaning of monarch butterflies in tattoos

Monarch butterflies in tattoos represent metamorphosis, as they go through different phases until they become beautiful adult butterflies, for some people they mean great changes in their lives, both positive and negative, they carry them as a memory of the different stages through which they have been through their lives.

Excellent combinations of flower and butterfly tattoos with their meaning

When it comes to combining tattoos, this is one that, in my opinion, is one of the most natural and precious combinations you can find. They signify femininity, simplicity and love for the beautiful things in life. Without a doubt an attractive proposal. You can combine it in many ways, I just suggest some examples.

Butterfly neck tattoos and their meaning

Meaning of blue butterflies in tattoos

The tattoos related to the blue butterfly signify fragility, freedom and independence. Blue butterflies are a true wonder of nature for their beauty and grace. This type of tattoo is also associated with rebirth and resurrection. And as from something that was once rejected, it can suggest something incredibly beautiful.

Discover the meaning of butterfly tattoo on the lower back and pelvis for young girls

Lower back butterfly tattoos symbolize stability, survival, prosperity, and confidence. And as a counterpart; In the pelvic area, a butterfly tattoo design typically represents virginity. This practice stems from the long tradition in many cultures of marking virginal maidens with butterflies as an act of homage and respect to the gods. In reality, they are placed on the body chosen for their sensuality and meaning. Tattoos in these areas are usually very striking for the opposite sex.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Surely you are animated (or) to one of these beautiful tattoos with a butterfly, so I want to bring you some template designs that will help you to make your own design. Remember, do not copy any, lean on them to have exclusive designs.

Certainly in this article I have shown you the different parts of the body to be tattooed and their meanings. To close I leave you another collection of good images of tattoos with butterflies, whether for women or men.

In this video that I left you, I wanted to review other options, always all with a lot of creativity.

I hope it has served as a guide, if you like it, do not forget to share it on your social networks.


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