For many, summer is connected with light hair and sun-kissed curls; forget it because we want brown hair this summer.

We have somehow imprinted in us that we will dye our hair in light and blonde shades when summer and heat come. This year we leave all “rules” behind us and instead dye our hair in warm and nutty shades. How nice. The goal is for the color to look as natural as possible, so we let our dark roots grow out. Below we have collected 9 shades that we are a little extra inspired by right now. Check out the pictures, and we can almost promise you that you will want to dye your hair type now.

Dark tones with hints of warm shades.

An Ombre with a dark bottom and lighter tops is perfect for spring and summer.

Light loops on darker bottoms are what we love right now.

This spring and summer, we leave the cold tones behind and focus on warmer colors.

Light brown hair with sun-bleached curls is a favorite.

This summer, our motto is, the darker the better.

A bayalage with lighter loops in the front nicely frames the face.

This summer we definitely want to dye hard brown.

Chocolate brown hair at its best.


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