Although spring still seems out of reach, fashion trends for next season are already well known. The designers introduced them to the public in the autumn, so come and remember them. What can you look forward to and will their visions stand out in your wardrobe?

The models you see on the catwalks are sometimes barely usable in everyday life. So if you are not the queen of extravagance, all you have to do is be inspired and complete your outfit in your own way. What news have the designers prepared for you and which styles have returned from the past?

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Y2K continues

Y2K Fashion Trend

The year 2021 convinced us that really anything can return to fashion. The Y2K trend, named after a technical mistake at the turn of the millennium, has attracted Generation Z and does not have to give it up in the coming seasons. Do you want to go with the times? Then you should not miss crazy crop tops, children’s pictures, pleated miniskirts or hipsters in your wardrobe. Yes, you can see – the low-waisted trousers are coming back into play.

Micro skirts

Micro skirts fashion trends

Itโ€™s the season thatโ€™s in, and you know how I feel about fashion trends: theyโ€™re fickle and they come and goโ€ฆ. But this seasonโ€™s biggest trend is tiny. Meet the micro-mini skirt, a holdover from the going-out styles of the โ€˜80s. The micro-mini trends to be less than 19 inches long. It can be worn with pants or a matching bodysuit. Either way, itโ€™ll show off those gams!

Second skin

Biker Jacket

This time, you will probably meet biker jackets in all their forms. From oversized pieces with studded details through fitted models to extravagant uppers with gathered shoulders or asymmetrical cuts. It’s up to you whether you prefer a more moderate style or see the harsh image of rock bands.

Stripes and fringes

Stripes and fringes

Prepare rulers, geometry class begins. If there is a pattern in the spring season, then it will definitely be stripped. The flood of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines could not be overlooked on the catwalks, but their companions were more surprised. They come in a somewhat unconventional combination with fringe.

Color of the year

When it comes to colors, everyone really gets their money’s worth. Nevertheless, there is one queen among them who will rule this year. Very Peri is a beautiful blue-violet shade, and if you don’t want to leave it alone, add a matching partner in the form of brown, cream, black, or maybe bright orange.

Opulent dress 

Opulent dressย 

The big evening is a separate chapter in the world of fashion, and although it rarely finds itself in daylight, it will definitely not be shrouded in darkness this year. Oscar de la Renta, Versace, and Proenza Schouler designers present robes in juicy tones. Every woman who dresses them can be sure that she will definitely not get lost in the crowd.

Unmistakable details

Unmistakable details

It also lends an original look to an ordinary piece. Across the spring collections, you will see leather details and we give a thumbs up especially stylish edging. Although timeless material is nothing new in the production of clothing, the sober concept gives it a completely different form.


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