The Facebook family’s photo-sharing app has brought Instagram the Insights option for reels and Instagram live videos.

After the new update, creators and businesses will be able to better understand how the content shared by them on Instagram is performing.

With the new Insights tool, you will get a better chance to know creators and businesses about the Reach of videos and the response of the users.

Preparing to Compete for TikTok

With the help of the new Insights tool, Instagram Reels is set to compete with its biggest global competitor, TikTok.

Already on TikTok, users get detailed analysis of videos.

Instagram says that with the help of Insights, creators and businesses will benefit and they will be able to make necessary changes and improvements in the content.

Earlier, instead of detailed analysis, creators used to see basic metrics views and likes-comments.

A Full Performance Graph Will Be Shown

After the new update, creators and businesses will be shown the complete chart related to the content and performance of their content.

Advanced metrics such as pledge, account reached, likes, comments, saves, and shares for reels will be shown in the new tools.

Apart from this, the photo-sharing app Peak is also bringing metrics like concrete viewers, comments, and shares for Instagram Live.

Creators and businesses will be able to understand what kind of accounts are interacting with their content.

Insights Will Soon Get Desktop Support

The company plans to offer new preset time frame options in Insights in the next updates, in which data between seven days to 30 days can be seen.

Instagram has confirmed that Insights for Desktop will also be rolled out soon.

The company is trying to improve Insights Experience in the year 2021 and to give opportunities to more business creators.

Many back-end features can be introduced in the app, especially for creators and businesses.

WhatsApp login with the help of Instagram

How to Check Instagram Insights

Instagram can soon give its users a new feature related to Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

While logging into Instagram with the new feature, users will be able to send authentication codes to WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business.

Till now, users only get the option to send this code via SMS to their phone number.

This option can be found on both Android and iOS platforms and screenshots have also been revealed.

Will Be Able to Post Photo-video With Web Version

Instagram is working on giving better experience to its users even on the big screen.

Reports have revealed that soon users will also be able to share photos and videos from the Instagram website.

App analyst Alessandro has said that after the update , post creators will be available in the web version , which is available to Android and iOS users in the mobile version of the app.

Users can also get basic editing options in the web version.


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