Folding socks is something that may seem simple, but it really is not, since if we do not do it well it can take up a lot of space in our drawers or closets. But how to fold socks quickly and easily?

The truth is that there are many ways how you can do it, keeping in mind that the most important thing is that you can store them without taking up a large space.

If you need to learn how to do it, you have come to the right place because this time we bring you a lot of tips so you can learn how to fold them quickly and easily.

How to fold short socks

Open your drawer and get your shortest socks, also known as invisible socks or socket socks. Now, follow the step-by-step guide to find out how to fold correctly and practically!

Step 1: Fold in half

how to fold socks

The first step to folding the sock is simple. Take your short sock, bring the pairs together so they line up, and fold in half.

Step 2: Position

Folding Socks

At this stage, we are almost there! Check that the socks, when folded in half, are straight and lined up. Then, separate the first edge to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Finish the fold

Folding Socks

Finally, to finish the fold for the short sock, just pull the edge that we separated so that it “packs” all the rest of the sock. Make it turn upside down and form a kind of “house” for the sock. And ready! Arrange and take it to your drawer.

Video: how to fold a short sock

To make the tutorial easier, watch the video we selected with a very visual and practical step-by-step. Note that there is no secret to storing your socks in a practical and space-optimized way. Follow the video and see how your drawers will gain a space you’ve never seen!

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How to fold medium sock

For shorter socks, the process is practical and quick, right? But what about longer socks? In this case, step by step is not difficult either, but pay attention to the steps so you don’t make mistakes and leave them beautiful in your drawers.

Step 1: Position

fold medium sock

To fold medium socks, arrange the pairs and bring them together so that they line up with each other. But pay attention: leave your heels up, also straight and aligned.

Step 2: Make the first fold

folding medium sock

Then, fold the open part of the sock towards you and leave one of the edges open.

Step 3: Fit and finish

folding medium sock

Finally, take the other part of the sock towards the small fold that was left open and fit the entire sock there. Notice that your socks were in a square shape and quite easy to organize in your drawers. Bye!

Video: how to fold a medium sock

Also to make your life easier, we put here the video showing all the steps for you to follow without mistakes and organize your socks in an incredible way.

How to fold long sock

Longer socks can already generate a certain dilemma out there, right? After all, the steps for shorter socks don’t work very well for longer socks, and as a result, they can ruin them and clutter your drawers. But calm down, all is not lost. Despite more extensive steps, follow the steps to learn how to fold long socks the smart way!

Step 1: Position in a cross

On a smooth surface, place one foot on top of the other, forming a cross.

Step 2: Form a square

Then take each side of the sock and fold it inwards, interspersing the sides, until it forms a square.

Step 3: Close the ends

Then, when you finish the square, notice that two sides have “leftover” ends. It is with them that you will close your square, placing them inside the sock cuffs. See that it is necessary to turn the piece upside down to fit it.

Step 4: More beautiful drawers!

Finally, just straighten out your long socks and store them in your drawers. Note the spaces and how the method facilitates the identification of the socks, with a beautiful organization.

Video: how to fold long sock

The steps for this type of sock are more complex and require greater concentration for the fold, but it is not impossible. Just pay attention to the steps and carefully follow the video we provide here. Too much, isn’t it?

See how simple it is to make your sock drawer beautiful and organized? No more mess and lost socks!

How to fold socks according to the Marie Kondo technique?

This technique from tidy and clean guru Marie Kondo will tidy up your stocking drawer in no time, and it’s pretty handy to do.

Initially, place the socks in flat space and place them one on top of the other. Next, fold the ends of the stockings inward and roll them 2 × 1.

This technique is quite fast and will allow you to save a lot of space in your sock drawers. On the other hand, implementing this technique takes care of the elastic thread and helps to preserve the pairs in an excellent way.

Save time folding your short socks like this

Short socks are the easiest to fold. If you want to save a lot of time, feel free to perform the steps below.

Initially, place one stocking on top of the other and try to form a kind of “T”. Now fold the ends of the stocking that is horizontally and drag towards the centre.

Fold towards the centre and then fold vertically upwards, inserting it into the end of the other pair.

Other methods to fold socks fast

If you are looking for more detailed processes to fold the stockings even faster, we also have a number of other options available to you.

Fold military style stockings

To achieve this finish, all you have to do is place one of the well-stretched socks on a flat surface. Next, place the other pair on top, just in the same position.

Now roll the tip all the way to the end. When you’re done rolling them, roll them into a roll.

In this way, the socks will be very well folded in the style of a military ball. With this method, you can save too much space. Implement it with all your pairs of socks!

Easy 2 × 1 stockings fold

This method is the traditional one and it may be the one you implement at home because the truth helps to save a lot of time.

Initially, what you should do is place a sock on a flat surface, and place the pair right on top of it. Next, you will need to fold the socks in half and roll them into a roll.

Put them in your drawer in an orderly fashion. You will save a lot of space with this method. Don’t wait any longer!

Fold ankle-style stockings

This method works perfectly for ankle socks and baby stockings. If you have children at home, this type of folding will make your life much easier. It will also optimize your time.

All you have to do is place one sock in front of the other horizontally, and drag in order to create a ball. Then, you just have to roll and it will be ready. It is a super practical technique!

Fold Patterned Stockings

This trick starts off a bit similar to military dubbing. You should place both socks on a flat surface.

Next, take one of the ends of the sock and try to catch both, dragging and folding them simultaneously. After doing this step, all you have to do is roll into a ball and save.

How to fold socks in a square shape?

The square shape is ideal for really small drawers, as it is the way in which you can save more space.

The first thing you should do is place a sock on a completely flat surface, with the heel of the stocking facing up. Then, you will have to place the other sock on top, as if you were creating a kind of cross.

Once the previous step is done, proceed to take the tip of the horizontal sock and drag it towards the centre. Simultaneously, do the same with the vertical sock. There will come a point where the two of you will come together, so this is where we will roll.

Suggestions to keep your socks in order

It is super important to keep order in your stocking drawer, as well as to position the stockings correctly to save space.

This is precisely why it is so important to fold the stockings evenly. The idea is that you fold your socks harmoniously. This will keep your drawer clean.

Now read some tips that will help you:

  • Fold as soon as they come out of your dryer: Doing this will prevent some pairs from getting lost.
  • Fold into a ball shape.
  • Sort them in your drawer by color vertically.

As you will see, there are many methods that you can use to fold socks, so you have no excuses for cluttering your drawers.

Get practising now! Some methods will work better for you.


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