Whenever we think of stretch marks, we relate them to pregnancy 🀰 but did you know that pregnancy is not the only reason for stretch marks? They appear due to breaks in πŸ’ͺ muscle fibers caused by rapid weight gain or loss. So, one can experience stretch marks much before or after their pregnancy as well. And males have stretch marks too!

Even after being harmless, stretch marks may pose a threat to one’s mental health. The beauty standards these days see them as a flaw and might trigger one’s self-esteem. We do not recommend anyone to take severe steps to remove the stretch marks but have come up with a list of simple and easy home remedies that might help you feel more confident about yourself.

Common Causes of Stretch Marks

To start with, we would want you to have a look at all the reasons that may have caused those stretch marks.

1.  Puberty- During puberty, people mostly go through rapid growth, like a sudden increase in height or reduction in weight, which causes stretch marks. The pull and push of the skin tissues cause stretch marks.

2.  Pregnancy- This is the most common cause, as around 60% of women face stretch marks after pregnancy. During pregnancy, women undergo massive weight changes that may lead to the stretching of the skin.

3.  Abrupt/ Rapid Weight gain- If one undergoes sudden weight gain, it can result in the appearance of stretch marks. Gaining weight in a short period causes pressure on the skin due to which the skin stretches to accommodate body mass.

4.  Abrupt/ Rapid Weight loss- Gaining weight in a short time is dangerous and in the same way, losing it in a short time is harmful. It may cause stretch marks on the stomach, hips, thighs, etc.

5.  Corticosteroid creams and lotions- The prolonged use of Corticosteroid creams and lotions can reduce collagen, but it eventually causes stretch marks.

Can Men Get Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks

Comparatively, stretch marks are more common in women but, it does not mean that men cannot get stretch marks. Obese men often have stretch marks, and also, the men involved in bodybuilding can have stretch marks due to rapid transformations in the body.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

1.  Maintain Healthy weight- Whether you are pregnant, gaining weight, or gyming, the best way to prevent yourself from the stripes is to maintain a healthy weight. By healthy weight, we do not mean that you have to reduce your weight. We only mean that you need to avoid rapid weight gain or loss and maintain weight stability according to your BMI.

2.  Keep hydrating yourself- Keeping yourself hydrated will make your skin softer, which will reduce the risk of getting stretch marks as nourished skin has less chance of developing them than dry skin. Also, avoid intake of too many caffeinated drinks, and if you drink such beverages, you need to balance it with lots of water and other caffeine-free beverages.

3.  A nutrient-rich diet helps- Add food to your diet that is rich in skin health-boosting nutrients. Vitamin C, D, E, zinc, and proteins promote good skin health. One of the best ways to get all the nutrients is to add as many colors to your plate as you can.

4.  Treat fresh stretch marks- If you were unable to prevent them, then you must try to start treating them right away when they begin to appear.  It will make them less noticeable in the long run.

Home Remedies to treat Stretch Marks

Even with the presence of numerous creams in the market, nothing can beat natural home remedies to treat stretch marks. You can make them fade away using home remedies but, every stretch mark is different, and one may or may not fade away like others.

1.  Almond and coconut oil

Nothing can beat the combination of almond and coconut oil, as both these oils have healing properties. Mixing them in equal parts and massaging them over the stretch marks will fade them away.

2.  Castor Oil

Its excellent nourishing properties will treat the dry stretch marks if massaged regularly day and night. The moisture provided by castor oil will make them less visible.

3.  Rich body butter

Body butter can show results in a few weeks if massaged before sleeping at night. One can use body butter like cocoa or shea butter. This remedy is especially effective in treating stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

4.  Exfoliation can help

Using a sugar scrub to exfoliate skin can help remove the dead skin and eventually fades away stretch marks. You can exfoliate for 10-15 minutes regularly and then rinse it with lukewarm water.

5.  Aloe Vera

Almost every other beauty product contains aloe vera in it due to its magical benefits for the skin. Fortunately, it is also effective in treating stretch marks due to its mystical healing properties. Rubbing fresh aloe vera gel for 20-30 minutes every day can show surprising results in a few weeks.

To be precise

Whether men or women, stretch marks should not be seen as a flaw or problem as they can impact one’s emotional health and self-esteem.

If you want to get rid of stretch marks, you must try these home remedies before going for the medical creams available in the market. Home remedies are quite effective and cause no side effects. These remedies will leave your skin moisturized and nourished. All we want for you is to love yourself and feel confident in your skin. Stretch Marks or no Stretch Marks, you’ll always be beautiful!


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