Instagram checkout will allow content producers to receive commissions on products sold by recommending products. Creators will also be able to add Instagram shops to their profiles.

Announcing Creator Marketing Accelerator last week, Facebook announced new revenue models on Instagram this week, focusing on content producers. The innovations were announced by Mark Zuckerberg at the 3-day Creator Week event, which was held for the first time this year.Β Β 

Details of the Affiliate Tool

affiliate tool

According to Zuckerberg, the Instagram native is working on an affiliate tool. Thanks to this tool, content producers will be able to receive commissions from products sold through their content by recommending products with the Instagram checkout option.

When Instagram manufacturers recommend these products, the phrase “eligible for a commission” will appear under the username, just like sponsored content.

The Native Affiliate tool will be launched in the coming months. The testing process will begin with content producers in the US. In this context, Benefit, Kopari, MAC, Pat McGrath Labs, and Sephora brands will also be included in the testing process. 

Linking to Instagram Shops

Linking to Instagram Shops

As part of the innovations introduced, content producers will now be able to add Instagram shops to their profiles. Creators do not need to have a business account to use this feature. Personal accounts can also add Instagram shops to their profiles. The feature is currently available to creators. 

At the end of the year, content producers in the US will be able to launch special product promotions with brands such as Bravado/UMG, Fanjoy, Represent, and Spring, which are Instagram’s commercial partners. 

Tips-focused Support: Stars Challenges

Stars Challenges

Instagram introduced the badges feature used for tipping in Live broadcasts in May 2020. Badges are priced between $0.99 and $4.99. A similar feature of this feature was manifested in Facebook Gaming under the name Stars. Star, on the other hand, is worth $0.01, unlike Instagram badges. 

Facebook announced the Stars Challenges program to support creators. Starting this week, creators will be able to earn bonuses by reaching certain milestones. Criteria such as reaching a certain time in live broadcasts or reaching a certain number of stars for a determined time period are among the mentioned milestones. For example, creators who reach 5,000 stars receive a $150 bonus from Facebook. 

Race to raise funds for content producers in social networks 

Funds provided to content producers have not been on the agenda in recent months. In early May, YouTube announced that it would pay creators $100 million over the next year to use TikTok’s rival YouTube Shorts. Thus, the company plans to increase content production and engagement on YouTube Shorts. 

In the meantime, let’s remind you of Spotlight, a copy of TikTok that Snapchat released in November of 2020. On the same date, the company offered creators posting on Spotlight the opportunity to earn more than $1M a day. TikTok, on the other hand, announced in July 2020  that it has created a $200 million fund for creators.

 Announcing its Clubhouse Creator First accelerator program for creators in March, Clubhouse began testing in early April for the first direct payment method that lets users send money to their favorite creators. The company announced that it will open the payment feature to more creators in April 2021. 

It is possible to say those content producers will profit from the endless competition of social networks.  


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