Weight-loss commercials often show that losing weight is a simple and smooth ride. You can lose as much as πŸ‹ 15 kgs in a month without feeling deficit or fatigue. But is it really true?

The answer is NO.

Losing weight 🐘 is not as easy as it sounds. The journey of weight loss is strenuous and intimidating, and staying on the decision can be more difficult if one has failed in the past. The hardest part of this journey is to be firm on your decision because your favorite food, those lavish dinner parties, and brunch dates with your friends will always try to entice you and make it even harder for you to follow a healthy diet.

Exercising and dieting are the two standard ways of reducing weight, but they work only if you are dedicated and committed to your goals. The whole journey is satisfying but usually long. And if you’re someone who wishes to take the easy route, then we’re about to open our cheat sheet for you right now. Get a pen and paper and start taking notes already.

A Small Lemon πŸ‹ with Big Wonders!

Looking at its size, you may take it lightly but, it is a lot more than its small size. The most underrated citrus fruit, lemon, has numerous benefits, that we can guarantee you were not aware of. And, if this got you interested then be ready to go down the rabbit hole with us.

1. It helps in boosting immunity

Vitamin C is the pillar of our immune system, and lemon is a powerhouse of vitamin C. It boosts the natural killer cells, which eliminate infections. The antioxidant power of lemon helps prevent damage to our cells. The flavonoid compounds in it have anti-cancer properties.

2. It is a great detoxifier

Although not rich in fiber, lemon still helps in detoxification due to the abundance of Vitamin C. Including lemon in your diet in any form can prevent bloating, heartburn, and indigestion. It helps in removing all the toxins from the digestive tract, giving you a clean slate for when you need to eat again.

3. It keeps acne and wrinkles away

Lemon treats acne and wrinkles as it has astringent properties that reduce the acne-causing inflammation oil. Lemon juice helps to treat wrinkles by removing dead skin cells.

4. It acts as an energy booster

By oxygenating and hydrating the body, lemon boosts energy. It also helps in lowering stress and anxiety as it is a purifying energy source. Its refreshing aroma work as a mood lifter.

5. It keeps you away from viral infections

Being high in antioxidants and vitamin C content, they are capable of fighting viral infections. Drinking warm lemon water not only fights the existing infections but also prevents you from future diseases.

6. It is rich in potassium

Potassium is an electrolyte that helps in maintaining the optimal working of cells. It is also responsible for conducting electrical charges in the body. Lemons have high amounts of potassium that makes them beneficial for heart health, brain, muscle health, and nerve functions.

7. It has anti-inflammatory properties

They kill various fungi, viruses, and bacterias present in the body. Even after being acidic, it turns into alkaline when metabolized in the body and removes acids that can cause inflammation.

8. It aids weight loss

Along with a proper diet and exercise routine, if one intakes lemon, it can help losing weight. It acts as digesting agents and helps to flush our system.

In What Ways Does Lemon Help ToπŸ‹ Lose Weight?

What if we tell you that weight loss is easy peasy lemon squeezy? And quite literally this time because it is all about lemons. Consuming lemon can really help you lose weight, and here’s how that works.

1. It can replace high-calorie beverages

Everyone needs a refreshing drink, but the high calories in it always keep haunting us with the threat of weight gain. To avoid this, you can replace it with lemon water. It will reduce the calorie intake and will also make you feel refreshed with its citrusy flavoring.

2. It keeps you hydrated

Hydration is one of the most important things to regulate your body functions. From providing nutrients to the cells to excreting out waste, water is required by the body everywhere. Evidence shows that hydration also aids weight loss as increased hydration breaks down fats. Lemon water keeps the body hydrated, hence leads to weight loss.

3. It makes you feel full

Drinking lemon water also satiates your hunger at times. There are several moments in the day when we think we are hungry, but a glass of lemon water can help you subdue that hunger pang and keep you away from calories.

4. It boosts metabolism

Increased metabolism leads to weight loss because good metabolism burns all your calories to produce heat and energy. Drinking lots of regular water can be boring, so add some lemon to it, and it will boost your metabolism by manifolds.

The One-week Challenge

Here’s a breakdown of your week’s diet that will help you lose weight healthily.


  • To start with your first day, have a lemon tonic infusion in breakfast that contains a pot of chia and green seeds.
  • for lunch, have grilled salmon with seared vegetables and lemon vinaigrette,
  • for dinner, have Pumpkin soup with candied lemon.


  • Start your day with a lemon tonic made from green tea and homemade applesauce with 10g almonds.
  • For lunch, have couscous with candied lemon and cauliflower.
  • Finish your day with warm Mushroom and spinach salad with 20 g of hazelnuts and lemon vinaigrette for dinner.


  • Take a lemon tonic infusion for breakfast containing a pot of chia seeds and green tea
  • Take roasted chicken with vegetables and healthy lemon sauce for lunch
  • For dinner, have lentil soup with poached eggs, pomegranate seeds with a dash of lemon juice.


Gear up as you are halfway to complete the challenge!

  • Have lemon tonic made from a green smoothie and green tea for breakfast
  • For lunch, have quinoa and kale pilaf
  • For dinner, have Grilled fish, green beans, and broccoli with Asian sauce.


  • Start with lemon tonic consisting of a pot of chia seeds and green tea
  • for lunch, have Lebanese frittata, Arugula, and avocado salad with lemon vinaigrette.
  • End your day with pan-fried shrimp and vegetables with Soba noodles or brown rice (100 g) and Asian sauce for dinner.


  • For breakfast, have lemon tonic containing green tea and a green smoothie.
  • Have Roasted mackerel fillets, Lamb’s lettuce,, and tomato salad with lemon vinaigrette for lunch
  • For dinner, have homemade ratatouille, Poached egg with Ricotta pudding for dinner.


The day has come to check your weight.

  • On the last day for breakfast, take lemon tonic made with homemade applesauce and green tea with 10 g almonds.
  • Make Warm NiΓ§oise salad for lunch
  • In dinner have Parsnip soup, Green salad, and lemon vinaigrette


In whatever shape you are, you are beautiful. But, if you wish to lose some pounds, you can try this one-week lemon challenge. Remember that in case you feel hungry in between any two meals, you can have a lemon tonic made from 1 clementine, 1 cup yogurt, and half lemon or a refresher made with 1 cup natural yogurt, zest of half lemon along with 10g almonds. Also, to sleep better at night, you can drink Verbena or lime herbal tea.


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