As Content Crawling, we often talk about platforms that focus on crypto money. Many startups from the global market, including our country, are the guests of our titles with their investments or partnerships they have established. These stories usually come from America, Europe, and Asia. Latin America and Africa are often lagging as they have a low share in the crypto industry compared to other continents. However, this does not mean that there are no people interested in crypto in these regions; on the contrary, there are quite a few. Mexican Bitso is a name that embraces the majority in this regard.

Bitso, one of the largest crypto platforms in Latin America, operates in many areas that come to mind when it comes to crypto. The startup offers numerous services ranging from cryptocurrency trading to stock market tracking to its users. Whether it’s the followers of the grocery trade, whether I Etherea is someone who is dying to get, convenient service available to everyone in Bitso. Moreover, the initiative also has a small ecosystem in itself. This ecosystem allows Bitso members to send each other crypto units for free, just like making a wire transfer.

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Bitso, which hosted a total of $ 1.2 billion worth of crypto transactions in the past year, is known as a very reliable platform, as you can see from this data alone. This trust from users is also reflected in investors. Observing Bitso’s stable growth, every VC sees the Mexican initiative as a safe bet. Already, the investment Bitso has received today supports this idea.

Bitso, which ended the Series C tour with its official announcement today, received an investment of 250 million dollars with the support of global giants. The tour led by Tiger Global and Coatue, Paradigm, BOND, Valor Capital Group, QED, Pantera Capital, and Kaszek participated. Bitso, who received his last investment 4 months ago, made his name among the most valuable fintech of Latin America with this tour.

In his statement, Bitso, shedding light on his future plans, stated that he wants to move the leadership he has undertaken in Mexico to Brazil and Argentina.


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