American-made films that are marketed for teenagers and adults cannot be separated from kissing scenes. You could say, this scene is commonplace for Hollywood filmmakers to be used as a unique spice in a film. Especially if it is accompanied by strong characterizations and a story that is so captivating.

Yep, the kissing scene can be a scene that makes you forget to blink. The scene, though, both show two characters biting their lips. However, there is a kiss scene in a film that is iconic and more memorable than in other films. You see, there is an intense atmosphere that is built so that the kissing scenes are phenomenal.

Here are five iconic and phenomenal πŸ’‹ kissing scenes in Hollywood moviesπŸŽ₯!

1. Molly & Sam ( Ghost, 1990)

Iconic Kiss Scenes
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This old film, which has won several Grammy awards πŸ† since 2016, is one of the romantic films of the 1990s. The two main characters of this film, Sam and Molly, are played well by Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Both managed to bring every romantic scene of this film into a legendary romance of all time.

The most inherent romantic scene in this film is when Sam and Molly make clay crafts together. It looks simple, but every movement they make shows deep affection. However, the kissing scene between the two beings from different worlds will make you excited and excited. Yep, there’s nothing sadder than two hearts that love each other but can’t be together.

2. Romeo & Juliet ( Romeo and Juliet, 1996)

Romeo & Juliet ( Romeo and Juliet, 1996)
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Adapted from the work of William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet πŸ‘« became the best-selling romantic film of its time. This romantic story that ended tragically gave a spice that made the audience smile when they saw the behavior of the two lovebirds. The story itself is about the two large families of the Montagues and the Capulets who ultimately have to sacrifice the love bond between their two successors.

Starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet, this film managed to make the audience’s emotions mixed. Every romantic scene and his soft kiss made the heart beat faster. Moreover, when the two of them met at a party, each of their eyes met gently and the arrow of love pierced their hearts. The kiss they often put on each other’s lips can make you blush.

3. Jack & Rose ( Titanic, 1997)

Jack & Rose ( Titanic, 1997)
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You could say, Titanic πŸ›₯️ is one of the best-selling romantic drama films of all time because it leaves many memories for the audience. One of them is the scene when Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) make out at the end of the ship’s deck. Rose spread her arms as she exclaimed,I’m flying,while being hugged from behind by Jack. Then, the next scene was guessed! They gave each other a sweet kiss that the audience couldn’t forget.

It was so romantic, the kiss scene that Jack and Rose did was named the best kiss scene in a movie of all time. As reported by Dailymail, the title was obtained from an income poll conducted by two thousand adults in the UK. As a result, Rose and Jack’s kiss was truly beautiful in the eyes of the audience.

4. Peter Parker & Mary Jane ( Spider-Man, 2002)

Peter Parker & Mary Jane
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Fans of the Spiderman πŸ•·οΈ trilogy by Sam Raimi will definitely not forget the couple’s kissing scene in the film. Yep, Spider-Man kissed Mary Jane with Spidey hanging upside down and then Mary Jane kissed him passionately.

In this scene, you will initially think that Jane will take off Spidey’s mask. In fact, there was a romantic scene that made the audience smile. In fact, even though the Spider-Man movie has been made in various versions, the kiss scene in reverse is very well known, even being one of the best and most memorable kiss scenes of all time.

5. Noah & Allie (The Notebook, 2004)

Noah & Allie
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Fans of romantic drama films must know the Hollywood film called The Notebook πŸ“’. You see, the majority of scenes and dialogues make you touched. One of the phenomenal scenes in this film is when Allie comes to Seabrook, Noah’s house. The next day, they rowed out to a lake full of swans. The beautiful visualization really makes your paper, coupled with the romance of Noah to Allie.

When they come home in the rain, there is a passionate β€œwet” kiss scene that depicts the seriousness and sincerity of their love. It was predictable that the passionate kiss ended in heat. You could say, this kissing scene is an unforgettable scene because it will make you feel hot and cold at the same time.


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