Controversial Films: A film can succeed not just because of an engaging plot and talented actors, but also because of controversy.

Things that smell contentious are sometimes purposefully introduced to grab the audience’s attention and garner media attention.

The controversy certainly invites various reactions in the community. Presenting controversial elements makes many films have to be prepared to accept various oblique comments.

Even so, not all films that are subject to blasphemy are a sluggish, gang. The series of films below are still successful and selling well, even though there are pros and cons here and there.

Reporting from various sources, this is a controversial film that managed to achieve great success!

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1. Basic Instinct (1992)


As a classic film that received high ratings, Basic Instinct also had a controversy that is still remembered today.

Especially if it wasn’t for the scene of Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) during the interview, which raised her legs openly enough to reveal a little of her private parts.

Another controversy that this film creates is the existence of extreme violence and fairly explicit sex scenes.

In addition, this film also received protests from LGBT groups because of the psycho- bisexual stereotype shown in this film.

Despite this, the film managed to earn $117 million domestically and $352 million worldwide.

2. Passion of the Christ (2004)

Passion of the Christ (2004)

The next film is Passion of the Christ, starring Mel Gibson. The film itself tells the story of the life of Jesus.

The film is accused of anti-Semitism and portrayed as cruel and uncensored. The film also received poor ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, all these accusations could not stop the film’s steps to earn revenues to reach the $622 million mark.

3. The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

As a film with the theme of natural disasters, The Day After Tomorrow is definitely full of controversy. The cause of the apocalypse in this film is global warming.

The film also received poor scores from film critics. His rating on Rotten Tomatoes is only 44%. Environmentalists also emphasized the scientific inaccuracies in the film.

Some people also feel uncomfortable because the film shows the destruction of New York City just three years after the 9/11 attacks.

Despite being heavily attacked by critics, the film was still a success, earning $186 million domestically and $544 million worldwide.

4. Angels & Demons (2009)

Angels & Demons (2009)

Based on the best-selling novel, Angels & Demons managed to get high revenue. Their total revenue was $618 million.

However, controversy accompanies the success of this film. The Vatican accuses the film of being anti-Catholic, thus banning the shooting in several locations, such as churches.

In fact, the Vatican called for a boycott of this film. The main actor, Tom Hanks, admitted that he did not understand why the film he starred in was considered insulting to a particular religion.

5. Django Unchained (2013)

Django Unchained (2013)

The next film is Django Unchained which is directed by Quentin Tarantino. This film is considered controversial because of the many hurricanes that smelled of racism against black people.

Leonardo Di Caprio, who plays a slave owner, feels bad for his co-stars, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jamie Foxx because of the harsh words he has to say.

The many violent scenes that occurred also made many viewers feel uncomfortable, including when a slave was eaten alive by a dog.

The series of controversies did not stop the film from earning $162 million domestically and $425 million worldwide.

6. Ghostbusters (2016)

Ghostbusters (2016)

As a reboot, Ghostbusters will definitely be compared to its 80s predecessors.

The controversy has started since the trailer, as the only African American in the film, Leslie Jones, is portrayed as a blue-collar worker rather than a scientist like the others.

In addition to the issue of racism, another controversy of this film is the choice of a female character to become the leader of the Blockbusters team.

Despite its low score, the film managed to gross $128 million domestically and $229 million worldwide.

7. Joker (2019)


Considered one of the best superhero films, Joker won the Golden Lion at one of the biggest film festivals in the world, the Venice Film Festival.

Joker is also synonymous with controversy because it is considered to trigger people with mental disorders to do negative things.

The film’s revenue alone has crossed the $853 million mark, proving that the Joker is truly in demand by the public despite the controversies.

The final word

Those are some controversial films that still achieve box office success. Indeed, sometimes people actually look for things that smell of controversy.

Are there any other controversial films that you think are also high-grossing? Write in the comments section.


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