Modern and irreverent, space buns hairstyles are conquering the minds of women looking for beauty and daring.

Also called simply double buns, this style of hairstyle gained prominence on the heads of many celebrities in the ’90s. However, the modern and relaxed look of the hairstyle has returned to fashion with everything.

To create an interesting and unique look, it’s important to find out which hairstyle best suits your hair and your personality.

We’ve separated valuable tips for you to decide and inspiring photos that will influence your look and make you even more beautiful. Enjoy!

Space bun hairstyle + loose strands

Building a space bun and at the same time leaving loose wires is an interesting trend that is increasingly requested in beauty salons.

The version that mixes the double bun with the semi-up, the space bun hairstyle with loose strands stands out for managing at the same time to transmit an air of organization and fun to the strands.

By choosing this hairstyle, women are choosing a practical and beautiful way to present themselves. Joviality and fun are the most common synonyms for this partnership.

How to do Space Bun hairstyle

The Space Bun hairstyle construction process is practical and simple to do. With a little attention and training, you will become an ace in this style.

To start you need to separate two very thick locks at the top of the head, separating one for each side.

Then arrange a bun on each strand using bobby pins. Your fingers help to build the volumes and give shape to the hairstyle.

In addition to making sure the strands are secure, adjust the volume of the hairstyle according to your preference and the style you want to achieve

Then arrange a bun on each strand using bobby pins. Your fingers help to build the volumes and give shape to the hairstyle.

In addition to making sure the strands are secure, adjust the volume of the hairstyle according to your preference and the style you want to achieve.

In this way, it is you who will define the ideal hairstyle format considering your taste and personality. For example, some women wear this hairstyle by releasing a few strands in front of the face.

Experiment, reinvent, and innovate are words associated with the Space bun hairstyle. So feel free to create your own version.

Space bun hairstyle with braids

The combination of the braids with the space bun offers delicacy to the look. This is a good option for those who want to experiment with their hairstyle without making too drastic changes in style.

This version provides a versatile look that can be used in everyday situations for more formal occasions. The volume and finish are what will guarantee a certain discretion and delicacy to the hairstyle.

The various possibilities of braid styles also allow you to play and experiment with the many hairstyle options.

To ensure the maintenance of the desired effect, it is important to invest in good finishing products such as fixing sprays, among others.

Space bun hairstyle with inverted braids

Inverted braids are often considered difficult to do even more in the space bun hairstyle. However, this belief is far from being true.

With a little training, you will notice that this type of braid is easy and practical to be performed. The effect besides being beautiful will make the space bun hairstyle even more special.

Versatile and full of charm, this combination will make your look ready for any type of occasion. Get ready to catch eyes and earn lots of praise!

Space bun hairstyle with colored hair

The younger the woman’s soul, the more she will be open to experimenting with her hair. The colored threads are there to prove this theory.

Women of different ages have experienced the combination of space bun hairstyle and colored hair. Not afraid to dare (and impress) they have it all!

Don’t think that attracting attention is the only purpose of this innovative style. Before deciding, it is important to carefully evaluate the tone and shape of the hairstyle.

From a music fan to the most spiritual woman, there are colorful space buns for every style and personality. Just throw yourself in the colors!

Space bun hairstyle with bows and other accessories

The different hair accessories available are an interesting asset to give a special touch to the space bun look.

Bows, bows, barrettes, and hairpins are some examples of accessories that serve to decorate and give more personality to the hairstyle.

The colors and shapes of the accessories will be defined by the woman’s taste and style. There are models that will appeal from the most traditional to the most daring and inventive.

Websites and specialty stores offer numerous accessory models that will complement and enhance your look. Experiment and discover the variations that will make up your style.

Space bun hairstyle with glitter

A fun way to further differentiate the space bun hairstyle is to use glitter in your construction.

Applied along with the roots of the hair, glitter offers shine and relaxation to the hairstyle. A trend that gets stronger at the time of carnival, the use of glitter has been increasingly common in everyday situations.

It is currently possible to find products in different formats that produce innovative results. In addition to the promised colors and effects, when choosing a product, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material.

Unfortunately, there are poor quality materials that can compromise hair and scalp health. Research well before choosing yours.

Space bun hairstyle with stones

As well as glitter, pebbles appear more and more on the catwalks and also in editorials that highlight the space bun hairstyle.

The stones, made of different materials and colors, provide a younger and more innovative look to the hair.

Spread along the strands or concentrated in a part of the hair, the stones bring shine and a touch of elegance to the look.

Ensure the hairstyle is fixed and beautiful

Once you’ve built your space bun hairstyle look, the question that comes up is how do you ensure it stays firm and beautiful for longer?

Fortunately, this problem is not difficult to solve. Part of the solution depends on how you build your hairstyle. Haste and lack of attention leave strands loose and unsteady to withstand the movement of hair.

There are several specific products to finish and fix this type of hairstyle. In addition to choosing good products, give preference to those that also offer hydration and nutrient recovery.

10 Ways to Style Space Buns for a Pretty Girl Clear, ten levels!

Fashion hairstyles in this period, besides the most avant-garde short hair. Boxing hair is another hot style that is equally trendy. which hairstyle bun that we will see girls Start doing it more often and you will see that it’s the cutest Space Buns hairstyle that makes you look young, cute, and clear. You can reduce your age by ten years. Buy Ambien online

Space Buns or split bun hairstyles It is a hairstyle that is on the rise. No matter where you look, you will see a lot of girls dressed in this hairstyle to show off their brightness. saw this We want to look cute with him, but doing the same Space Buns, repetitive style, it’s a bit boring. Looks like I have to find a new way to do this hairstyle. Let’s see now.

space buns hairstyles

Well, Content crawling doesn’t wait any longer. I would like to appease women who want to try the Space Buns hairstyle by finding out how to do this hairstyle in many different styles for you. Here are 10 styles that we will offer. Let me tell you that. Besides being unique also easy to do but if you don’t believe It is recommended to come and prove it together this way.

10 Ways to Style Space Buns 

1. Basic Space Bun: easy to set, suitable for girls who are learning to do this style. Anyone who hasn’t done it, I recommend you to start with this style first. You will survive.

How to style space buns

2. Low Space Buns: hairstyle boxing division lower bound. Made it out and looks pretty sweet like soft. I’m cute in another way.

How to style space buns

3. 90″s Space Buns: this style has a slightly retro look. giving a vintage look Most importantly, it’s easy to follow. I recommend you to try it.

How to style space buns

4. Double Dutch Braids: Level Up Difficulty and a little more complicated with the cutest split bun accompanying the braiding Let me tell you that I have done it. It’s outstanding. Definitely not repeated.

How to style space buns

5. Half-Space Buns: No.1 All buns have been tied together. I’m going to try doing a half-head split. It looks cute. same

How to style space buns

6. Space Buns with Braids: This is another bun. It’s done and it’s super chic. Anyone who has the ability to give a certain level of hairstyling and can do it themselves. But if someone does not like It is advisable to call a friend to help immediately. Guarantee that it’s beautiful and cheerful. Born today! Modafinil

How to style space buns

7. Braided Space Buns: Easy to come down from basic style. Must be this style. just divide me evenly Then braid it and roll it into a bun. Let me tell you that it’s tight and doesn’t come loose.

How to style space buns

8. Double Buns: This shape is not much different from the basic one. similar method but adding volume to me Makes my boxing look bigger by puffing it up before I roll it up. So cute.

How to style space buns

9. Half-Space Buns: No.2 This is another half-space bun that is worth trying. It is different from the first hairstyle that has been proposed in the fact that the front hair is released as well. Like this, the mood of a young woman is in a different way.

How to style space buns

10. Space Buns with Bangs: this style would please a girl with bangs. Who already has a bang Get your hair in a bun in this style. Guarantee that you’re so cute that you forget your real age.

How to style space buns

Is it cute to do, girls? This time, if anyone wants to make a Space Bun, don’t be afraid again. Try to choose a style that you like to learn to do. Or anyone who likes all styles and will try to learn and try to change one style at a time, so let’s not waste I can assure you that this season will definitely not miss out.

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Here’s a video to help you learn how to style a braided space bun hairstyle


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