The worldwide hit anime β€œAttack on Titan” is coming to an end and to heighten fan anticipation, Studio MAPPA has released the trailer for part 2 of the final season, anticipating what promises to be a breathtaking sequel.

The trailer begins with Reiner Braun quizzing Eren Jaeger with several questions that anime fans who haven’t read the manga should ask themselves: β€œWhat are you still fighting for? What’s the point of it all?”. Eren’s answer is one that has been heard many times before: “Because I was born into this world.”

The trailer even promises fans answers about what Eren’s motivations have been since the start of Season 4, building anticipation for the final battle in which Eren and her brother Zeke will apparently fight everyone, both the Paradis main cast and those of Marley’s side.

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Another highlight of the trailer is when Zeke and Eren appear to be activating Rumble. The cutscene shows the two of them with foreheads touching and combining the power of Eren’s Founding Titan with the royal blood of Zeke, to cause the cataclysmic event that will change the world forever.

Watch the trailer for β€œAttack on Titan” in Japanese, with English subtitles:


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