Do you know the 🎮 Facebook Gaming tool on the social network? It was launched in 2018 in the United State with the aim of being a direct competitor for streamer services like Twitch and YouTube Gaming. In summary, Facebook Gaming is a live streaming platform for sports championships and electronic games. What’s more, the platform also features annual events such as The Game Awards. 

The service allows content creators to also publish game-related videos, in addition to making live streams. But do you know how Facebook Gaming works? We have separated the main characteristics of this service and how it works.

How to Access Facebook Gaming From the Computer

On your computer, you can access Facebook Gaming directly through the URL, which is two:

Facebook Gaming does not yet have an exclusive application for the platform. However, you can access it directly from the Facebook app, available for devices with Android and iOS systems, in the online application stores of the mobile device. Check out the step-by-step instructions on how to access Facebook Gaming on the social network application:

Step 1. Go to your Facebook menu by clicking on the three dashes in the upper right corner of the application;

Step 2. Look for the “Games” option and click on it;

Step 3. You are already on Facebook Gaming, just browse the platform;

The contents that will be indicated to you will be related to your Facebook feed and search history. So the platform will only indicate content and activities that you are interested in and may like. The longer you use Facebook Gaming, the more the referrals and the platform feed tend to become more consistent with your tastes.

You will also have the option to follow and follow your favorite games and streamers in real-time. That way, you won’t depend on the platform’s directions to find the content you might like. In addition, you will find the so-called instant games on Facebook Gaming, those that are available exclusively within the social network Facebook. That way, you will not only be able to follow gameplay lives but also have fun and make your own live broadcasts.

How to Broadcast Live on Facebook Gaming?

Anyone can stream live on Facebook Gaming and become a streamer. Just create an account, configure the software and you will be able to start the transmission. Just follow the step-by-step below to register:

Step 1. Access the Facebook Gaming page:

Step 2. In the bottom left corner, click on “Start streaming”;

Step 3. You will be taken to the “Creation Studio”. In the upper right corner, click on “Configure live stream”;

Step 4. On the “Live Producer” page, configure how you want to make your lives and click on ‘Start’;


And ready! You are already registered and have permission to start your transmissions. 

If you are already registered and make your lives on Facebook Gaming, you can follow your account on the platform through Facebook Creators / Creator Studio, which is also available as an application for Android and iOS devices. B asta download and login.

Facebook Gaming Monetization

If you plan to monetize Facebook Gaming, you will need to be a participant in the Level Up Program and the money will be moved through the Facebook Stars platform. This option allows streamer viewers to buy stars and send them to the content producer doing the live stream. Whenever the streamer receives a star, an alert will be sent to him and his followers in the broadcast chat. Each star will have a value of approximately R $ 0.05. This is equivalent to $ 0.01.

The streamer will receive payment approximately 60 days after the end of the month the star was sent. Facebook itself informs that payments made internationally take longer to fall into the bank account, and it will only be sent when it reaches the minimum amount of R $ 532.75, about U $ 100.

Check out more information about Facebook’s Content Monetization Policies.

What games are available on Facebook Gaming?

There are several games that you can watch on Facebook Gaming, from the best known to the unknown. There are options for all tastes. You can choose some of the platform’s indications to follow, search in the search bar or follow your favorite streamers from the platform. 

It is worth mentioning that you will also be able to see the streamers that are playing those games when searching for a game in the search bar. So, this can be a great way to find content producers that you like to follow and follow the work.


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