Do you know what is more gloomy than having ghosts in your house? Having living people inhabiting it without you noticing. As you read it, there are people who enter a home without permission and spend it very comfortably in hiding while the tenants are not even aware of its existence.

This practice is known as phrogging, of which some cases have been recorded in the United States, and it is one of the aspects that various films are using to generate mystery, such as Parasites or the recent film released on Netflix. ‘I See You’

What Does Phrogging Mean?

It is pronounced “frogging” and comes from the word frog, which means frog in English, as explained by the American writer specializing in real estate, Laura Agadoni, in an article for the Millonacres page.

This animal perfectly describes what people who carry out phrogging do, since they go jumping from house to house; living in the basement or in the vents hoping not to be found by the people who inhabit the house.

And that is also why in the movie available on Netflix, I See You, we can see the characters wearing frog masks.

These people, as Agadoni, explains, like to use the house at ease if the legal inhabitants do not have a home office and must go out to work. At night, these intruders steal food while neglecting to pay expensive rents or exuberant electricity bills.

What Is Phrogging - I See you

Phrogging Is Not the Same as Occupy

It must be made clear that these terms are not the same, although they both refer to people trespassing on the property. The main difference is that squatters take an unoccupied house and there is no one to take them out; while the proggers are inside an inhabited house, living in silence and trying to go unnoticed, but always on the lookout for the owners.

Who Practices Phrogging ?

Naturally, this practice is not carried out by the Godinez of your office, much less your boss.

Agadoni explains that phroggers are poor people who cannot afford a home of their own. Or there are also cases of people fleeing the police and do not want to be found. 

The writer adds that they usually look for big houses that have basements in which they can hide and go unnoticed. Because it is somewhat risky, they do not tend to stay longer than two weeks.

The Phroggers Know All About You

Even if you don’t see them, they know every move you make. What time do you go to work, what time do you eat, when you do the supermarket when you are down, they really do not miss anything! Because after all, they need this information to know what time they will eat, what time they will use your Netflix account, and even what time they will be able to use your bathroom.

The Phrogging in the Cinema

Although the practice itself is not common in Canada and there are only a few cases registered in the United States, the cinema has taken it upon itself to portray it on the big screen.

The film won the Oscar in 2020. Parasites showed us how a man lived in the basement of the home of a wealthy family. At night he stole food without anyone noticing his presence.

In the end, the protagonist ends up living the same experience as a fugitive from justice for killing his employer and owner of the house. So he hides in the same basement and lives as a progger.

The same practice was the center of attention in the recently released Netflix film, I see you, and they use phrogging as an element to generate suspense and as a plot to develop throughout its almost 2 hours of duration.

What Am I Seeing You About (and Who Will Make Up the Cast)?

At first, rookie director and screenwriter Adam Randall and Devon Graye build an atmosphere that feels paranormal as they show us a boy mysteriously disappearing while riding a bike, a fact that seems tied to several other cases from the past.

On the other hand, one of the police officers in charge of the case, played by Jon Tenney, is married to a therapist ( Helen Hunt ), and they live trapped in a marriage full of exhaustion, infidelity, guilt, and a dysfunctional son ( Judah Lewis ).

It is in this couple’s house where the phrogging takes place, but to find out how it happens and how it connects with the boy’s mystery, you will have to watch the movie.

What Do the Critics of I See You Say?

I See You may not be the highest budget movie Netflix has in its catalog, however, critics agree that it is a good story. Simple, but compliant, resulting in a tape that you can see if you have nothing better to do.


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